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Welcome to lom_a2a_land! This is a land community where you join one of four teams and compete against each other in friendly challenges to see which team can score the most points collectively in a round.

Rounds last for two months at a time and the current round will end July 31st 2010.


To join this community you must first apply for membership. You will be accepted into a team if you apply! The reason this rule is in place is because I want to keep approximatly even numbers of players in each team and this is the only way of managing this.

Which team you play on has little effect on the outcome of the challenges, it will just mean that you're playing with different members. The teams are: teamalexdrake, teamannie, teamgene and teamsamtyler.

This community is for the UK version of Life on Mars, as well as Ashes to Ashes. It is not about the US version of the show.

Don't be put off if you only like one of the two shows. I'm going to try and make this community as good as possible so it will be rare for a challenge only focus on only one of the shows, and if it does, then I'll make sure to counteract it with one for the other show.

So, dive right in and come and have some fun!

Join a team HERE:)
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